Create This Blended Text Effect In Illustrator In Minutes

This blended text effect in Illustrator is simple to recreate. Using blend mode and a few other tools, you can create gorgeous warped text in no time.

Blended Text Effect Video Tutorial

This is a really simple effect to create, but it looks so impressive. You can apply this technique to any font type.

The first part of the tutorial will show you how to create your text, apply your font, and outline the text. From there, you can separate the individual letters.

Then, I will teach you how to use the blend mode feature. By blending each letter with a shape, you can create hypnotic effects that look like contour lines on ordnance survey maps.

Finally, we’ll use the warp tool to complete the effect. From there, you can adjust colors and effects and repeat with all letters.

This is such a fun and beautiful effect. Have fun with it, and let me know below if you used it in any poster or logo designs.

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