How To Export An SVG With Width And Height Attributes In Illustrator

Don’t want your SVG to scale? Here’s how to export it from Illustrator with set width and height attributes.

Video Tutorial

This is a really simple tip. Follow along below as, in under two minutes, I’ll show you how to change your height and width attributes, and where the ‘responsive’ option on the export panel is.

Why Would I Need This?

Yes, the scalable nature of SVG files is the prime reason we use them in responsive web and digital environments. However, there are times when you may need a set width and height: a small logo in a navbar, for example.

As always, it’s good to know your options. With this tutorial, you will know how to set those attributes so that you can export both scalable and fixed SVG files.

More SVG Illustrator Export Options

Exporting an SVG can be a little overwhelming, especially with all the different options. I have a guide here on SVG export from Illustrator that runs through everything from preparing your file properly for export, to all the options in the export panel.

I hope you found this helpful. Working with SVG can often be miraculous and bemusing, often at the same time!