Make Fun Non-Destructive Text Effects With Touch Type Tool In Illustrator CC

Here’s how to use the new touch type tool in Illustrator CC to make non-destructive text effects for some fun typographic designs and logos.

The Touch Type Tool – What is it?

This is a new feature introduced to Illustrator CC. In simple terms, the tool allows you to rotate, scale, move, and apply character and paragraph options, like changing font, to individual characters.

The characters stay in a state of type. You don’t have to convert the text to an object, meaning you can make cool designs and still be able to change the letters, fonts, and so on.

Why Can’t I See the Touch Type Tool?

This is a new feature added in late 2023 to Illustrator for the 2024 version. So, if you can’t see it, make sure your Illustrator CC version is up to date.

If you are operating on an older version of Illustrator, you won’t be able to use this new tool.

I’ve certainly had a lot of fun experimenting with this tool, and I hope you do too. Let me know below what you used it for and what cool typographic designs you came up with.

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