Can’t Apply Gradients to Multiple Objects in Illustrator? Here’s 2 Ways to Do it

You’ll notice that, as soon as you select two or more objects and try to apply a fill gradient, the results are not quite what we’re looking for!

This tutorial will show you how to take multiple objects, be they shapes, lines, or text, and apply one seamless gradient through them.

Grouping and Appearance Panel Method Video Tutorial

Arguably the best way to apply gradients is by using groups and adding a gradient fill in the appearance panel.

With this method, you don’t need to change the state of the objects in question. For example, you don’t need to outline any text or merge any shapes together.

You can add a combination of shapes, strokes, and live text to one group, then apply the gradient over the top.

Compound Path Method

The other way to do this is by making a compound path, which I do in this video tutorial. This is still a great technique and very effective – however, by making a compound path, you will be merging shapes together.

That means the shapes cannot then be worked with individually. Also, any live text will have to be turned into shapes, which, again, may not be what you’re looking for.

When you know, you know, right? I remember back in my early days of Illustrator, not being able to do this frustrated me no end.

Both these techniques solve the problem in no time at all. From there, you can create graphics with gorgeous gradients that blend seamlessly through the objects, as one.

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