Create a Stylish Halftone Effect on Editable Text In Illustrator For RGB And CMYK Setups

Here’s how to add an editable halftone effect to live text in Illustrator. I will also quickly guide you on how to do this in web RGB and print CMYK formats because both will have slightly different outcomes.

Watch the Video Tutorial

Why this Technique Works Well

Halftone effects are a timeless classic. By applying the specific effects via fill in the appearance panel, you won’t have to worry about expanding or creating outlines on your text.

That means your text stays fully editable. Not only can you make changes to the effect, you can use the character panel to change font, size, spacing, and all other text options.

RGB vs CMYK Difference

Setting up your document in 300ppi print or 72ppi web will yield different results. This is because with 300 ppi you have more pixels per inch, meaning the dotted effect will be smaller and more compact.

Adding the same radius in a 72ppi document will create larger dots and, thus, a more congested pattern, than adding the same radius in a 300ppi document.

I go through this at the end of the video tutorial. All of these can be fully edited, so there’s no need to concern yourself too much with this. However, it is important to know that your document ppi will effect this text effect.

Have fun, enjoy these gorgeous and stylish halftone effects, and let me know in the comments what you used this effect for.

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