Designing for Halloween? These Fonts are Freaky, Spooky, and Completely Free

These Halloween-themed fonts will help you take your Halloween designs to a whole new level of spookiness. They’re freaky, they’re ghoulish, and they’re free to use.

Use my easy-to-follow video tutorial below to watch along as I show you the fonts. Or continue on to the written list.

Halloween-Themed Fonts List and How to Use These Fonts in Your Designs


Creepster Font

We’ll kick off with a classic example of a scary font, Creepster. The clue is in the name, and this type of font was iconic with those old-school scary movie posters.

The font has somewhat of a Frankenstein feel to it and would work well with any type of Halloween party or event. With Google fonts, you get one font style, and using a font like this will instantly give your designs a scary look and feel.


Nosifer Font

Next up, a font with another classic scary Halloween-style theme to it. The dripping blood effect is typical of scary movies and designs.

You get one font style with Nosifer, and you really wouldn’t need to do much work with this. You can use this font on any poster, and you instantly get plenty of Halloween vibes.

Stint Ultra Condensed

Stint Ultra Condensed Font

This font is a little more subtle. It has a sinister, gothic feel to it. You could see this type of font on a Halloween or scary movie poster. It creates a very sinister feel without being too pictorial.

Pirata One

Pirata One Font

Speaking of gothic design, Pirata One has a classic gothic feel to it. The font is reminiscent of classic black letter calligraphy.

You can use this font to create some classic old-school spook and horror vibes, especially if you want to create a Dracula-like theme.

Jolly Lodger

Jolly Lodger Font

If your Halloween party is more of a family-friendly gathering, you could give Jolly Lodger a try. It has a very Tim Burton, Corpse Bride, almost Addams Family-like feel to it.

This font is ideal for creating a classic Halloween feel in a more kid or family-friendly way. As with the other fonts, it’s free and simple to download.

Metal Mania

Metal Mania Font

While naturally designed with metal music and bands in mind, Metal Mania could be an excellent choice of font for your Halloween theme design.

Metal music itself is synonymous with all things dark, sinister, and spooky. Maybe you’re organizing a gig or going to a rock club for Halloween. If so, take a closer look at this font for your graphics.


Frijole Font

If you’re looking for something that’s still very sinister but not classically Halloween, Frijole could be a good choice for you.

It has thick, offset letters with a quivering effect around them. Frijole can be used to create a look and feel that is less gory horror and more squeamish and uneasy.


Eater Font

The font Eater can bring a whole lot of fun to your Halloween designs. It could be a suitable choice of font for children or teenage Halloween events.

This font has that classic spiky, almost spider-like effect to it. If you bring this font into Illustrator, you could use the pen or pencil tool to draw spider webs, graveyard silhouettes, and other spooky imagery coming off the letters.


Flavors Font

Another great choice for a younger audience, Flavors feel-wise conjures up images of slime, splodges, and insects. It has almost a Goosebumps feel to it.

To create a Halloween vibe that’s a bit more fun and playful, I would recommend downloading and testing this font.

How to Use These Fonts

All these Halloween-themed fonts are available on Google Fonts. Google Fonts is free to use. More details are available in each font’s license. To download any of these fonts, simply type the name into the search bar and click the font that appears to go to the family.

In the top right-hand corner, you can click ‘download font family’ to instantly download it. Once downloaded, locate the zip file and double-click it to unzip.

From there, either install the font via the control panel on Windows or FontBook on Mac. Once installed, the font should be on your system.

While you’re in Google Fonts, you can also check each font’s license simply by going to the ‘About & license’ tab for each font.

I hope these fonts help you take your spooky and scary designs to the next level. Whether you want something more gory, sinister, or kid-friendly, there are plenty of options on this list.

Let me know below which of these fonts you like the most and what your favorite Halloween fonts are.

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