How to Open, Edit, and Save a Multiple Page PDF in Illustrator

Looking to open, edit, and save a multiple-page PDF in Illustrator? This tutorial will help shed some light on a potentially problematic undertaking!

Is it Worth it in Illustrator?

So, the short answer is: it depends. The tutorial above is split into two parts. The first shows you how to open and edit a PDF in Illustrator that was created in another program.

This is a common scenario when working with clients. The tutorial shows that, while it is possible, you are limited as to what you can do. Especially if the PDF was made in a program that is several years old, you won’t have much control.

The second part works with PDFs created in Illustrator. I will demonstrate the benefits of saving with ‘preserve Illustrator editing capabilities’ turned on.

You will be able to work with multiple-page PDFs in Illustrator and make changes. Those changes, however, will be limited depending on the file.

Hence, it’s often worth trying in other programs, like Adobe Acrobat, to see if you can do more with the PDF.

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