Wrap Text Around a Circle in Illustrator in 5 Minutes

Learn how to wrap text around a circle in Illustrator in no time at all. You can use this tutorial with nearly any font, and this technique is ideal for badges, logos, and so much more.

Watch My Illustrator Wrap Text Around a Circle Video Tutorial

I think this is something all designers should know how to do. Working with text on a circle is something that you’ll often need to do.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to use the type on a path tool. Using the start and end cursors can be really confusing at first, so this should clarify things for you.

Once we have the hang of that, we’ll then switch to the opposite side. Wrapping text underneath, along a curve, that isn’t upside down is a bit tricker.

However, in under 5 minutes, this tutorial will give you everything you need.

Want to Wrap Text Around Circles In Other Adobe Programs?

While this is an Illustrator tutorial, circular text wrapping is a technique you could be asked to do for all types of design.

I have tutorials to show you how to wrap text around a circle in Photoshop and also how to do it in InDesign.

Take a look; while the premise is the same, all do things slightly differently.

Circular text wrapping is such a great effect to know how to do. So many logos, crests, packaging designs, and lots more use this effect.

Let me know below what you used your circular text for. I hope you get everything you need from this simple tutorial!

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